Done Right Hauling Rick and Cheryl Eicher- TERRIBLE Horse haulers

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Brought my new horse in in poor condition.I should have known something was up when he wouldnt UNLOAD her, had her in a locked trailer..unless I paid him in CASH first.

Rick Eicher was so rude, he was angry we had let him wait five minutes while I looked for my purse to pay him in cash. He was rude and I would strongly recommend that you never use him. My sweet mare was so dehydrated we had to call the vet, and he said she was ill and exhausted.We had to call the vet within 3 hours of her arrival. I believe he knew something was wrong with her and thats why he wouldnt unload her untill we paid.

This is a sweet mare.

No animal should be left like this .This is a terrible company

his website is he is in the TEXAS area His phone #'s are 512 856 0044 and 512 818 7364



If we need to start pointing fingers.First off we drove up on a busy highway and the gate was locked and not enough room to pull in.So we drove down the road and called and turned around and come back and still has to wait on her as we were holding up traffic.We drove up in the yard and the woman was still playing ball in the yard with her dogs.Her worker had to call her on her cell phone and still had to wait for her to bring the money.We had called her two hours before like she had asked to tell her we were coming.We pulled in and we waited and waited.Her horse had water and food on the trailer when we unloaded her.I was told that she was a very controlled type person.She can write all this stuff she wants to.Dealing with her was like dealing with a child.My trailer is very open and she could see there was nothing wrong with the horse what so ever.If she wants to keep going.As God as my witness the horse had opportunity to eat and drink as much as any horse should ever need.When the horse got on the ground she was well pleased with everything. Except I made her pay me first because of pass experience we do not unload until we are paid first..That is what got her acting nasty.There was nothing wrong with the animal.All we can do it pray for people like her.Rick Eicher

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